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Gramoste after 223 years

It is hard to get to Gramos – on Greek maps- or Gramoste/Gramostea, the legendary city of the Vlachs from the Pindus Mountains. You have to arrive first to Pefkos village via Kastoria and after that, on a very slippery and difficult road to engage towards Gramos. I have tried from 2008 to get there. This time I was lucky to have my cousin, Stela Aslanidou from Thessaloniki who promised to find the way to Gramos. On her four wheel traction car and a lot of good luck I finally saw my dream come true. My mother was so good in infecting me with her obsessions! In Gramostea I was able to fully breathe for the first time in my life. And it was there that I understood that I am a woman of the highlands.
Mirela Roznoveanu

Stela and Mirela in Gramoste; the first of their clan coming back after 223 years after the destruction of the city in 1788.

Gramostea – general view.

Gramostea- the mountains in the evening and in the morning.

On the road to Gramostea.

On the road to Gramostea

Houses in Gramostea

The hotel of Gramoste

Iorgos, the owner of the hotel from Gramoste.

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