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Imagine:Mircea Ivanescu.jpgMIRCEA IV?NESCU [born in Bucharest on  March 26th, 1931] Cititi articolul lui Paul Cernat despre opera poetului urmind acest link.

asurzitoare iscare
spaima exist? vorbe care s? spun? cum este,
cu adev?rat spaima ? ce sim?i, de pild?, cnd treci
col?ul   ?i o ntlne?ti deodat?, cu cea?? mult? n p?r,
?i mna, strngndu-i lui bra?ul ?  ?i este, deodat?,
ea   ?i trece pe lng? tine, de abia aplecndu-?i
capul ?i n jurul t?u noaptea e dintr-o dat? nalt?
?i url? ?i-?i vine s?-?i scuturi capul, cu minile zvcnite
peste urechi, ?i s? fugi ct mai departe. (de fapt,
mergi la fel de ncet. ca ?i cum nu ar fi
nimic adev?rat. ei au trecut. strada nu mai are importan??,
de?i este strada ei.) nu mai exist?
continuarea clipei acesteia.  a fost.  a trecut.    
ea, brusc, nsp?imnt?tor de str?in?, ?inndu-l
de bra?, al?turi, al?turi de el, scuturndu-se
de ?ip?tul din tine nici nu l-a auzit cnd ai v?zut-o trecnd.
?i cea??, pe o strad? murdar?
(Alte versuri, 1972)

a deafening emergence

dread are there words to say how it feels,
what, indeed, is dread like ? how you feel, for instance, when
you turn the corner and suddenly come upon her, a dense
fog clinging to her hair, and her hand, clasping his arm ?
                                    and suddenly,
there she is and she passes you by, hardly lowering her
eyes and all around you night suddenly towers
and howls and you feel like shattering your head,
                                      your hands
violently clamping onto your ears, and you flee away
                                      as far as you
can. (in fact, you walk on as slowly as ever. as if nothing
                                       were really
true. they are gone now. the street no longer has
                                any significance,
though its the very street shes living on.) there is no
aftermath to that moment. it has happened. its over.
shes, all of a sudden, dreadfully alien, holding
his arm, beside, beside him, casting off your
inner agonizing shriek she did not even hear it
                             when you saw her
passing you by. and the fog, down the muddy street
(Further Lines, 1972)
From the volume other poems, other lines     translated from the Rumanian of Mircea Iv?nescu   with a Foreword by ?tefan Stoenescu  EMINESCU PUBLISHING HOUSE, 1983

In acest volum de debut aparut in 1978 la Cartea Romaneasca am publicat un eseu despre poezia lui Mircea Ivanescu, Fuga pe o singura voce. Eseul poate fi citit in pdf apasand pe acest link.

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