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Liviu Georgescu


calc prin vid
cu t?lpile ca ni?te fe?e mirate
?i pa?i se evapor?, dispar pe rnd
versurile p?r?sesc scrisul
scrisul dispare din coala de hrtie
hrtia pleac? din mine
nct totul se umple pe sine
calc prin visul celor nenum?ra?i
vii sau mor?i
eu v? presimt prezen?a voi mi adulmeca?i memoria
sufletul meu se risipe?te din ascunzi?ul monadelor
cu leandrii aprin?i lng? na?teri continue
 unde lini?tea e singurul instrument muzical
v? mbr??i?ez cu bra?ele arse
cu iluminare
cu lumin?
cu apa urcnd nep?rtinitoare


I am walking through the vacuum
with the soles of my feet looking as if
they were astonished faces
and their steps evaporate vanishing one by one.
The verses abandon the writing
the writing disappears from the sheet
the paper leaves me
so that all is getting full of all.
I walk through the dream of the countless ones
alive or dead, 
I sense your presence
you follow the scent of my memory.
My soul is scattered about the monads hideout
with burning oleanders next to the continuous births
where silence is the only musical instrument.
I embrace you with burnt-off arms
with illumination 
with light
with water impartially rising.

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